Friday, August 10, 2012

My Wings Unfurl

My Wings Unfurl
By: Neha Ahmed

As I said goodbye and got into
The van that day
Not a single tear did I shed
Though the atmosphere was so grey

Hugs, presents, love
And more was exchanged
Eyes filled with sadness
Falling just short of deranged
    Looking at me
Filled with tears to the brim
My response a gentle hug
And a loving grin

My friend's dad laughing
And filming us
Cheers break out among the boys
As we walk towards the bus

A sense of finality
As the van begins to move
Away,     away,       away . . .

It has not really hit me
I'm leaving for good, I know
But why don't I feel anything?
Should it be this easy to let go?

My life, 16 years,
Spent in this land
So beloved to me
As familiar as my own hand

Well it was inevitable
The coming of this day
And so it has arrived
This day ever so grey

A bird does not cry
When it leaves its nest
Rather spreads its wings to take off freely
From the safety of its mother's breast

Qatar, my home
My beautiful nest
I am leaving now
To face this world's test

With wings spread wide
My face smiling at the sun
I set out to explore
This world is a large one

I will stand tall
With pride shall I fight
Any obstacles in my way
Will see my might

And though I may be gone
for years come many
I will return one day
So you may be prouder than any

After all
You gave me wings
And nurtured me dearly
Showed me how to see this world
A little more clearly

After all

is home.

Thank you.

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