Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zindagi Haseen Hai

Zindagi Haseen Hai
 By: Neha Ahmed

A rose petal drifting in the air
Sweet fragrance of jasmine carried by the wind
The two meet and intertwine
In a dance so entrancing
Carrying each other higher, more beautiful together than apart

The world passes by without
Acknowledging this wonder
It is overlooked
Yet so precious
Two beautiful things coming together to create something amazing

Eventually they must come apart
The rose petal, the fragrance of jasmine
Each going their separate way
But each still carrying the touch of the other
They do not forget

This is life
We travel our distinct paths
Periodically coming into contact with one another
Helping each other grow
This is us

This is me

A storm, a headwind,
Occasionally push me back
Throw me around in a tempest where I have control over
Nothing but my thoughts and my attitude

Every storm will pass

Will I make it out? I don’t know.
I live to find out
As the wind picks up around me, I am filled with anticipation
I am restless
Restless to set forth, explore and experience

I may end up in a river
Or resting on the ground
What’s certain is one day my journey will end
And I will be content to rest my tired mind
And reflect

This journey will make me
The people I meet,
The situations I encounter,
The storms I fight through
Will shape me

After all, be it dark,
Or faded,
Worn away,
Or torn,
Every rose petal is beautiful.

Tashkani, jinsei wa subarashii

Zindagi haseen hai.

Tashkani, jinsei wa subarashii -> Certainly, life is marvelous (Japanese)
Zindagi haseen hai -> Life is beautiful (Urdu)