Friday, August 10, 2012

My Wings Unfurl

My Wings Unfurl
By: Neha Ahmed

As I said goodbye and got into
The van that day
Not a single tear did I shed
Though the atmosphere was so grey

Hugs, presents, love
And more was exchanged
Eyes filled with sadness
Falling just short of deranged
    Looking at me
Filled with tears to the brim
My response a gentle hug
And a loving grin

My friend's dad laughing
And filming us
Cheers break out among the boys
As we walk towards the bus

A sense of finality
As the van begins to move
Away,     away,       away . . .

It has not really hit me
I'm leaving for good, I know
But why don't I feel anything?
Should it be this easy to let go?

My life, 16 years,
Spent in this land
So beloved to me
As familiar as my own hand

Well it was inevitable
The coming of this day
And so it has arrived
This day ever so grey

A bird does not cry
When it leaves its nest
Rather spreads its wings to take off freely
From the safety of its mother's breast

Qatar, my home
My beautiful nest
I am leaving now
To face this world's test

With wings spread wide
My face smiling at the sun
I set out to explore
This world is a large one

I will stand tall
With pride shall I fight
Any obstacles in my way
Will see my might

And though I may be gone
for years come many
I will return one day
So you may be prouder than any

After all
You gave me wings
And nurtured me dearly
Showed me how to see this world
A little more clearly

After all

is home.

Thank you.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Giving Advice

While watching TV or reading a book, it can be so easy to see what the best way to handle a situation would be and we condemn fictional characters for being stupid, but that’s not always the case when it comes to real life, is it?
A girl I know just asked me for advice concerning problems she’s having with a friend of hers. Girl, who you asking? I’m no expert! I’m peaceful and barely ever get into any drama! Although maybe the fact I’ve made it through high school without any major drama means that I am good at this? Hm..
I’ve actually never even met this girl, even though both of us live in the same tiny country. I know her through Twitter and through one mutual friend. But she shares my love of Korea and that’s how we connected. And because we both vent our feelings on Twitter, which I think shows a more personal side of us than that which we display to the world at large; one of the reasons I love all my Twitter followers and feel a deeper connection to some of them than I do to a lot of people I see on an everyday basis in my real life. Same thing applies to Tumblr, although I think that provides more a glimpse of the fundamental elements that make up a person and their general mood and outlook on life rather than their specific thoughts, though it can occasionally serve that purpose too.
Anyway, so this girl who I’ve never met actually asked me for my advice! I stressed in my room and thought for a good half hour and planned out what to write before sending it to her. I’m still a little uncertain, and it is so difficult to give advice when you have to rely on somebody else’s judgement and an incomplete, extremely fragmented picture of the situation, but I think I did the best I can. I really hope everything works out for her!
What’s just really surprising is how anxious I’m feeling right now about this! I had butterflies fluttering around the insides of my stomach when I first read her message asking me what she should do, and I’m even more nervous now that I’ve responded!
This girl is three years younger than me. I turned 18 two months ago, and I feel like I’m a child who still has to get through university before she enters thereal world, but I guess even though I’m so young and inexperienced in the eyes of some, I’m already old, mature, and a potential role model to others, huh? That freaks me out. I feel honoured, more honoured than I have ever before in my life, that people who are younger than me look up to me and respect my ideas and actually listen to what I have to say, but at the same time I am terrified. I feel like there is such a huge sense of responsibility with this, and I can’t help but think how horrible it would be if my advice led someone into a worse situation than what they were already in.
really am honoured, though, that someone would give so much value to my opinions that they would follow what I advise them to. And although I guess there is the possibility of me making things worse, I have only positive intentions, and I think sharing my advice is better than staying quiet and allowing the person seeking help to feel alone and abandoned. I will grasp the hand of anyone reaching out for help, if I see it. And I think this will be a positive experience that will make me grow as a person, too. By giving advice  I can find out whether or not I am good at it, and Inshallah get better through the process. Alhamdulillah, I think I really am growing up.
I really hope my words are of benefit to this girl. I’m so anxious to find out how everything goes for her ahhhhhdaj;dfadfjkladfdsfsaj !! 
That said, if any of you ever have anything bothering you and want an opinion or advice, feel free to shoot me an email at I will try my best not to judge, or if I have to, then I will make every effort to present that opinion in the least hurtful way possible that will be the most beneficial for you. If you’re embarrassed or whatever, you can ask anonymously on my tumblr, at And if you don’t like what I say, you don’t have to take it to heart or follow it; like I said, I’m just an inexperienced 18-year-old, but while I lack experience, I think my young age means I can also speak with less bias and prejudice. It’s up to you how you take it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zindagi Haseen Hai

Zindagi Haseen Hai
 By: Neha Ahmed

A rose petal drifting in the air
Sweet fragrance of jasmine carried by the wind
The two meet and intertwine
In a dance so entrancing
Carrying each other higher, more beautiful together than apart

The world passes by without
Acknowledging this wonder
It is overlooked
Yet so precious
Two beautiful things coming together to create something amazing

Eventually they must come apart
The rose petal, the fragrance of jasmine
Each going their separate way
But each still carrying the touch of the other
They do not forget

This is life
We travel our distinct paths
Periodically coming into contact with one another
Helping each other grow
This is us

This is me

A storm, a headwind,
Occasionally push me back
Throw me around in a tempest where I have control over
Nothing but my thoughts and my attitude

Every storm will pass

Will I make it out? I don’t know.
I live to find out
As the wind picks up around me, I am filled with anticipation
I am restless
Restless to set forth, explore and experience

I may end up in a river
Or resting on the ground
What’s certain is one day my journey will end
And I will be content to rest my tired mind
And reflect

This journey will make me
The people I meet,
The situations I encounter,
The storms I fight through
Will shape me

After all, be it dark,
Or faded,
Worn away,
Or torn,
Every rose petal is beautiful.

Tashkani, jinsei wa subarashii

Zindagi haseen hai.

Tashkani, jinsei wa subarashii -> Certainly, life is marvelous (Japanese)
Zindagi haseen hai -> Life is beautiful (Urdu)